Hearing Loss Clinic



The early stages of the project involved taking a look at the existing content in order to find ways of consolidation. At the same time two broad user groups were established to validate that consolidation. The first was someone dealing directly with hearing loss and the other was an important stakeholder considering a change in a loved one's life.

RealtimeBoard as a tool became an integral part in pushing the consolidation effort forward. A rudimentary concept as a way into the site also had to be developed in order to establish a value add in bringing forth the so called power of hearing.


Creating concepts for the home page or as a means to get into the site meant temporarily bypassing the full-fledged wireframing stage. Two concepts were presented the first of which, employed a powerful fact-based approach to eventually present inspirational video based past success stories. The second involved utilizing dynamic copy and textural video to capture the energy, youthfulness and personal empowerment that Hearing Loss Clinic enables.


Due to minimal complexity and informational based content structure, majority of the wireframing was worked out using simple physical UI cards. This approach kept the wireframing phase short and the hours spent on this stage nimble. A number of unique views were identified which would lean on existing content. Sections such as products and hearing solutions for kids remained dependent on copy writing. As such, these sections were to be flushed out directly in the design phase.

Style Tiles

Style tiles as a method of narrowing down stylistic treatments was utilized for elements like typography, colour, imagery, etc. With the Hearing Loss Clinic having no existing brand standards, the style tiles presented a great opportunity to define some guidelines from the ground up which would go on to inform visual considerations for future display ads.

Colour Palette

The palette primarily focused on Blue and Yellow as dominant colours which were heavily entrenched with the existing consumer base. Brown and Salmon were introduced in order to make the palette a bit more versatile and open up complimentary opportunities where applicable.


Montserrat with its numerous weights had no problem doubling as both headings and body copy with observable contrast. With its contemporary and sophisticated outlook, Montserrat brought forth forward looking notions in an industry that desperately needed visual progression.


With no budget for photography, candid stock life style shots complimented the website well. Through numerous life contexts and situations, it would become clear that hearing loss affects people from all walks of life yet life itself doesn't cease to continue.

High Fidelity

As the project approached completion, time commitments from success story candidates brought video elements to life. A challenging aspect of the site proved to be the products section. Because the clinic doesn't sell products of its own, the benefit driven approach was necessary in getting across solutions/recommendations versus products themselves.

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Calbridge Homes

Like their homes, the online presence needed to reflect a level of quality while maintaining unparalleled ease of use.

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